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Online conversations with real liberrians

How to Clean Soap

Well how am I supposed to clean this???
Well how am I supposed to clean this???

13:35 Travish How to you clean soap? i need this information quickly!

13:35 Janitorial Libarian How to you clean soap?

13:35 JL hello

13:35 Travish hello

13:36 Travish yes if a bar of soap is dirty, how do you clean it?

13:37 JL Baking soda is your friend when it comes to soap scum. Sprinkle a large amount of baking soda on a cloth or sponge, dampen and scrub. For tougher soap scum build up you can also try making a paste out of baking soda and vinegar. Let the paste sit on the stain and then scrub. The acidity in the vinegar will help break down the dirty soap

13:37 Travish so i need to get alot of baking soad, thats good to know.

13:38 Travish THANK you for your help, my name is Travish and i have to attend to something RIGHT now!

13:39 JL ok, bye bye!

Travish’s Commentary:
I’m glad this worked because I used the whole box of baking soda and now I need some soap to clean up this mess!

Contacting the Undertaker

Does anyone know how to contact him?
Once I got suspended for doing the Tombstone Piledriver on some kid in class

20:46 Travish i need the undertakers address and email address (this is for a class)

20:47 Celebrity Contact Libarian Hello. Undertakers are usually associated with a particular funeral home. Are you looking for a particular undertaker? In what location?

20:47 Travish yes, the undertaker. he lives in death valley i think

20:50 CCL I suppose you’re referring to the wrestler?

20:50 Travish yes, Mr. Matthews told me i need his address and email address

20:52 CCL The Undertaker’s real name is Mark William Calaway. I’m checking to see if I can find any contact information for him.

20:53 Travish thanks!

20:54 CCL Here is one link that refers to his address but I cannot vouch for its accuracy:

20:55 Travish excellent thanks! do you know his email address?

20:55 CCL Here’s his Facebook page:

20:56 CCL Here’s his Twitter:

20:57 CCL That’s all I can find for him. I hope that helps.

20:57 Travish do you think i could ask twitter to give me his email address? i know you need an email address to sign up for twitter

21:00 CCL I doubt very much he would give out his email address. Here’s the agency that claims to represent him (his agent). Maybe you could contact them:

21:00 Travish ok THANKS for your help!

21:00 CCL You’re welcome. Good luck.

21:00 Travish my name is Travish

Travish’s Commentary:
I told Mr. Matthews to Rest In Peace and he told me he can only rest peacefully when I’m not around.

Questions About the Slingshot Suplex

slingshot suplex
I THINK this is Tully Blanchard doing a slingshot suplex

Chat Transcript: My name is Travish and I can’t find the information I am searching for.

[Slingshot Libarian 10:20:01]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[SL 10:20:08]: Hi, I’m (Censored), a librarian helping to answer questions for your library.  I am reading your question now to see how I can help you.

[SL 10:20:19]: What information are you looking for?

[Travish 10:21:06]: I am trying to see who has used the slingshot suplex.  All I have so far is Tully Blanchard.

[SL 10:21:41]: I’m not familiar with the slingshot suplex.

[SL 10:22:00]: Can you tell me more about it?

[Travish 10:23:23]: It’s a devastating finishing maneuver. Whilst grappling your opponent, you suplex them with the leverage of the ropes to ensure victory.

[Travish 10:24:09]: I am writing a paper on the history of the slingshot suplex, and I need to know if anyone other than Tully Blanchard has used this move

[SL 10:25:00]: Alright, thanks, let me see what I can find.

[SL 10:28:18]: I wonder if you’ve looked at wikipedia’s entry for this.

[SL 10:28:39]: Wikipedia is not always the authoritative source to use but

[SL 10:28:55]: often it’s an excellent source for getting links to other, authoritative pages.

[SL 10:29:00]:

[SL 10:29:25]: Otherwise I’ve not found a specific answer to your question above.

[Travish 10:30:56]: It doesn’t look like they list who uses it on wikipedia, they don’t even mention Tully Blanchard!! Continue reading Questions About the Slingshot Suplex

Here ye! Here ye!

If you know this guy, tell him Travish wants to know if he is French
If you know this guy, tell him Travish wants to know if he is French

Travish: Here ye! Here ye!

[Old Timey Language Liberrian 20:30:51]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[OTLL 20:30:58]: Hi, I’m (Censored), a OTLL helping to answer questions for your library. How can I help you?

[OTLL 20:31:30]: did you have a question?

[Travish 20:31:43]: i hear that alot but i dont know what it means?

[OTLL 20:32:02]: ok, let me find some information about that saying for you

[Travish 20:32:17]: Thanks!

[OTLL 20:35:01]:

[Travish 20:36:18]: so it means listen to me? that would explain why mr matthews says it

[OTLL 20:36:40]: it is used now at the beginning of court procedures, or in French Oyez, Oyez

[OTLL 20:37:33]: but in medieval times it would have been the first thing a town crier said before reading a document announcing something for the King

[OTLL 20:37:38]: does that help?

[Travish 20:37:58]: so the french version of mr matthews says oyez oyez?

[OTLL 20:38:07]: O dpm

[Travish 20:38:14]: oh i did NOT see your last part!

[OTLL 20:38:20]: sorry, I’m not familiar with Mr. Matthews

[Travish 20:38:38]: so if mr matthews is making an announcement for the principal then it would make perfect sense!

[Travish 20:38:47]: mr matthews is my teacher and a idiot

[Travish 20:39:44]: my name is Travish THANKS for your help!

[OTLL 20:40:06]: yes,

[OTLL 20:40:16]: it just means, please pay attention

[OTLL 20:40:48]:

[OTLL 20:41:05]: you’re welcome, Travish

[Travish 20:41:17]: well i have problems doing that, ESPECIALLY when he is talking about the war of 1912

[OTLL 20:41:18]: can I help you with anything else?

[Travish 20:41:48]: no, thats it! THANKS!!

[OTLL 20:42:13]: you’re welcome.  thanks for using (Censored)

Travish’s Commentary:

Here ye!  Here ye! Mr. Matthews is annoying and stupid!!

Don’t Cross the River if You Can’t Go to Godfather’s Pizza

Could George Washington swim the tide?

Could George Washington swim the tide?

18:36 Travish can you help me figure out what something means? (this is travish)

18:36 Metaphorical Liberrian Hello

18:36 Travish Hello!

18:36 ML I can try… what you got?

18:37 Travish Mr. Matthews just told me “don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide”

18:37 Travish i have NO idea what he’s talking about!

18:38 ML I don’t know that phrase, but I have a guess…

18:38 Travish What is your guess?

18:38 ML Sounds like he means something like ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew…”

18:38 ML Does that make sense in the context you’re hearing it?

18:38 Travish Well, I usually only do that when I go to Godfather’s Pizza

18:39 ML Hmmm…

18:40 Travish do you think he knows that i am planning to skip lunch to go to Godfathers next week?

18:40 ML Is this a joke or are you that literal-minded? Continue reading Don’t Cross the River if You Can’t Go to Godfather’s Pizza

3 Mins.

This is RIGHT where the movie stopped!! What happened??
This is RIGHT where the movie stopped!! What happened??

18:33 Travish hello my name is Travish and i need your help QUICKLY!

18:33 Eddie Murphy Movie Libarian Hi, how can I help you?

18:34 Travish i rented the movie 48 Hrs and the DVD stopped working with three (3) minutes left in the movie and i DONT know how it ends!

18:34 Travish did Ganz kill Reggie? did Jack kill Gans? I don’t know!

18:35 EMML let me see if I can find something with information on that. I’ve never seen it. – is it the movie with eddie murphy and nick nolte?

18:36 EMML please read the plot summary on this page to see if it answers your questions

18:39 Travish THANKS for your help!

18:39 EMML You’re welcome!

18:39 Travish though im not sure if i want to read it. maybe i’ll try and get another copy so i can SEE it (i have to be shown)

18:40 EMML ok

18:40 Travish THANKS!!! !

18:40 EMML You’re welcome!

Travish’s Commentary

I’m not sure i can trust the link the libarian gave me.  Mr. Matthews said to NEVER trust Wikipedia!!! What if someone just made up a fake ending?

Is It Legal To Fake Your Own Death?

I might as well tell you, I faked my own death
I might as well tell you, I faked my own death

16:48 Travish i need to know if it is illegal to fake your own death?

16:48 Libarian With Expertise In Faking Your Own Death Hello!

16:49 LWEIFYOD What an interesting question! Could you tell me which state you’re interested in?

16:49 Travish (state)

16:53 LWEIFYOD I’m doing some searching in the library databases, but in the meantime this law blog might offer some insight:

16:55 Travish that’s great news!

16:55 Travish it says that faking your death isn’t illegal, but you may get in trouble for insurance fraud, tax evasion, or violating court-ordered legal and financial obligation

16:56 LWEIFYOD This blog post from Thomson Reuters (the company that produces a law database, Westlaw, that we subscribe to) gives more specific info:

16:56 LWEIFYOD With citations!@

16:57 Travish if someone i know was going to fake their death, they would only be doing it so they wouldn’t have to read some stupid book

16:57 LWEIFYOD Yes, that seems to be correct! “In fact, according to missing person search-and-rescue expert Jeff Hasse, president of the Minnesota-based company Midwest Technical Rescue Training Associates, the right to disappear often causes conflicts between families of missing persons and law-enforcement agencies. Families think police investigators  should do more to search for their missing loved one. “Law enforcement’s response is, ‘He’s an adult. He can go missing if he wants to,'” Hasse told Life’s Little Mysteries. If there’s no evidence of foul play involved, sheriffs may not pursue a missing adult.”


16:58 Travish OH YES!

16:58 Travish THANK you for your help!!!!

16:59 LWEIFYOD Absolutely. Can I help you with anything else? What is the book you referred to earlier?

17:00 Travish the book is to kill a mockingbird. i’m not reading that!

17:01 Travish i have to go, THANKS again for your help!

17:01 Travish My name is Travish, if you see Mr. Matthews tell him you didn’t talk to me about this

17:02 LWEIFYOD Before you go!

17:02 Travish yes

17:02 LWEIFYOD In case you want to talk to someone else, remember that we’ve got lots of resources on campus, regardless of what the problem is: (link)

17:02 Travish ok thanks!

Travish’s Commentary:

Travish 3:16 says I just faked my own death

The Truth About Frosty the Snowman

Just another reason to give cops the middle finger!
Just another reason to give cops the middle finger!

Travish: Is Frosty the Snowman non-fiction, or is it just based on a true story?

[Christmas Libarian Specialist 08:52:34]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[CLS 08:53:44]: Hmmmm … I’ll have to research that one. What’s the version of the Frosty story you’re asking about?

[CLS 08:54:09]: The classic Rankin-Bass?

[TRAVISH 08:54:16]: the one in the song. my favorite version is the one that says he’ll be back on Christmas Day

[CLS 08:54:19]:

[CLS 08:55:57]: OK. Let’s turn to the song – perhaps there are clues there …

[CLS 08:55:59]:

[CLS 08:56:44]: “Frosty the snowman is a fairytale they say
He was made of snow but the children
know how he came to life one day”

[TRAVISH 08:57:44]: if it is just based on a true story, then some of that may just be made up. Example: instead of children it could have been adults, and instead of a silk hat it could have been a felt hat

[CLS 08:57:58]: Based on this, it would appear that the majority opinion is against Frosty having ever come to life – one day, or for any  duration of time.

[TRAVISH 08:58:48]: i’m pretty sure it was AT LEAST based on a true story though, even if it is not a work of complete non-fiction Continue reading The Truth About Frosty the Snowman

Libary Questions Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!

Were these from a big bag or a regular size bag?
Were these from a big bag or a regular size bag?

20:21 Travish This is Travish. I have a theory but i need some help researching it

20:21 Travish Note: this is not an assignment (I hop that’s ok)

20:26 Travish Hello? Are you there?

20:26 Another Liberrian Who Doesn’t Like Travish? yes.

20:27 ALWDLT? What are you attempting to research?

20:28 Travish Are the M&Ms n the big bags different from the M&Ms in the regular size bags.

20:28 Travish They TASTE different, but I don’t know for sure and I cant find ANYTHING on this on bing

20:29 ALWDLT? Seriously?

20:29 Travish Well I said its not an assignment!

20:30 ALWDLT? Maybe you can do your own little blind taste test and come to your own conslusion. 🙂

20:31 Travish Interesting.

20:31 Travish I was thinking i could just get the ingredients

20:32 ALWDLT? The ingedients should be listed on the back of the packaging.

20:34 Travish When i was asking for biographies, the libarian told me that unauthorized ones were better than authorized ones, because the authorized biographies only told you what they wanted you to know. is it the same for ingredients on the back of M&M packaging?

20:37 ALWDLT?

20:38 Travish are the unauthorized M&M ingredients there? i cant find them

20:55 Travish if you find out more information let me know. i have to go because im going to be LATE for weight lifting! its critical!!

Travish’s Commentary:

That DUMB JERK didn’t help me at all!