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X-Men Movies – A Literary Criticism

Here is a naked picture of Jennifer Lawrence
Here is a naked picture of Jennifer Lawrence

This is Travish’s literary criticism paper for Mr. Matthews’ class.  I am Travish so don’t even think I copied it from someone else named Travish.  If I did that, I would sight Different Travish as a source.

Your literary criticism paper is to be no less than four (4) and no more than six (6) pages typed in Times New Roman 12 point font.  In this paper you are to carefully examine and evaluate a work of literature, making an analytical argument about your chosen topic.  Make sure that you critically engage the subject and address one or more of the core issues we have discussed in class.  Use of secondary sources is highly encouraged.

I didn’t write that part.  Those are the instructions for the paper (Mr. Matthews’ Instructions 1).  So Mr. Matthews wants me to criticize a work of literature.  I am doing that now.  Right now.  There is no tomorrow (Apollo Creed 1).  (Also Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1).

Second of all this paper is about the X-Men movies.  That is the topic I pick for literary criticism.  Am I going to criticize the X-Men for Mr. Matthews’ class?  Nuh uh!  I don’t care what your instructions say Matthews, I like these movies so I won’t trash talk them.  I will trash talk you though.  You are stupid.  You don’t even know something.  And you lost bet with the janitor about the NCAA Tournament.

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Contact Info for the Count of Monte Fisto

I NEED this man’s autograph!

TRAVISH: I want to write a letter to Carl Weathers?  I need to thank him for visiting my city.

Annonymous Canadian Libarian:
 Hello and welcome to (Censored). I am reading your question now and I’ll get back to you in a moment.

TRAVISH: Thank you, (ACL)

ACL: What city do you live in and what does Carl Weathers do there?

TRAVISH: He visited us to promote a new film

TRAVISH: I think he lives in L.A.

TRAVISH: An American Actor

ACL: Oh, Carl Weathers the actor.  I will see if I can find some contact information for him.

TRAVISH: Sorry, I know I should have said Actor

ACL: It’s ok, I am looking right now.


ACL: Yes, in Rocky.


TRAVISH: Sorry, I get excited when I talk about Rocky

ACL: You can contact him at :     Abrams Artists Agency – LA

ACL: 9200 Sunset Blvd. #407

ACL: Los Angeles, CA , 90069


ACL: tel: 310-728-1050, Fax 310-859-9791

ACL: email:aaalavb@abramsart.com

ACL: web:http://www.abramsartists.com

TRAVISH: THANK you! Sorry about the earlier confusion.

TRAVISH: Can I ask where you found that information, in case I need to look up other celebrities?

ACL: No problem.   Actually, I just find it online on two different sites.

ACL: http://www.fanmail.biz/1698.html

ACL: http://www.abramsartists.com/voicereels/commercialLA/commercialmenLA.html

TRAVISH: Incredible! That site also has Arn Anderson’s home address! Thanks again.

ACL: No problem.  Good luck with your letter.

Travish’s Commentary:

Great news, I can’t wait to send things to Arn Anderson’s house.  I already tweeted Carl Weathers, and he responded!  Though he did make sure to tell me that there “ain’t gonna be no retweet”