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The Autobiography of Travish

This is my autobiography assignment for Mr. Matthews’ class.  If you have any questions about me after you read this, then READ IT AGAIN YOU IDIOT.

Listen hear you idiots, my name is Travish and I am going to tell you something you did not know.  How did I know you did not know it? Probably because you are just dumb.  Dumb like a jerk.

This story is my autobiography and it is for an assignment.  Mr. Matthews said he is grading it for effort, not for content.  Mr. Matthews, that’s so stupid I don’t know where to begin.  I guess I’l just go from the beginning to point number two (2).  Second of all why would you not grade the content?  The best part about this is if you don’t grade for content then you can’t deduct points for all the times I will call you a numpty.  Where did I learn the word numpty?  I will tell you in this autobiography.  This paper will be full of stuff you don’t know.  You don’t know anything so maybe you shouldn’t even be a teacher?  Maybe you shouldn’t even be a teacher’s assistant?  Maybe you shouldn’t even be an assistant coach for the basketball team?  Maybe you should just stop what your doing because i’m about to ruin.

Thank about that. Continue reading The Autobiography of Travish


Raiders of the Lost Ark Help

This game is WAY too hard!
This game is WAY too hard!

Travish: I need help with Raiders of the lost ark on atari 2600?

Libarian From A Place I Have NEVER Heard Of: Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am (Censored) and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question…

LFAPIHNHO: I am sending you a link that should help you.

Travish: Raiders of the lost ark is too hard! you have to play it with two (2) controllers. it took me thirty (30) minutes just to figure that out!

Travish: Also, i can keep the snake from attacking me by playing the stupid flute. I HATE THE SONG IT PLAYS!! is there any way to change the song?

LFAPIHNHO: I’m sorry, I don’t have access to information of the settings for the game. There should be a way to set some preferences that may include audio.

LFAPIHNHO: Do you have any more questions that I can help you with?

Travish: I will LOOK for that! THANK you for your help. I am going to play 1 (one) more level and THEN i am going to weightlifting

LFAPIHNHO: My pleasure. Thank you for using Ask a Librarian.

Travish’s Commentary:

PLEASE, if you know how to change the flute song, let me know!!! I HATE that song!!!