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My Personal Reflection on National Doughnut Day


This is my personal reflection paper for Mr. Matthews’ class.  Did I go to his class today? NUH UH!  I went to get a free doughnut.  And to the game room.  But I did this paper so Mr. Matthews can grade it and not give me a F in his class.

Today is a historic day.  What is today?  Today is a day that will live in infamy.  Today is National Doughnut Day.

What is National Doughnut Day?  It’s the one day of the year when you can get a free doughnut!  Not just any old doughnut, but one from KRISPY KREME.  You could probably get a free one from Dunking Donuts or Sheetz or somewhere else, but I wouldn’t do that.  Would you do that?  I wouldn’t do that unless there isn’t a Krispy Kreme within a 100 miles.  Then you could do that.

One time a libarian got mad at me because I asked which came first, National Doughnut Day or National D-Day.  Well I thought he got mad but then I looked it up and he didn’t seem mad like I remembered.  He did think I should think about National D-Day more and National Doughnut Day less.  Idiot.

Also he said National Doughnut Day came before National D-Day.  I learned that today but I forgot I already knew it.  If you learn something and then realize that you already knew it but you had forgotten it does that mean that you have learned something new?  In this situation I learned something, and I learned that I had already learned it, so I learned two things.  That should be extra credit, Matthews.

In conclusion, second of all it is National Doughnut Day and I’m wasting my time writing this when I should be getting free doughnuts.  That’s right, doughnuts, not just one doughnut.  I am going to go back in a disguise.  I have a Batman mask and those Krispy Kreme people will probably think Adam West is there BUT NO!  It will be Travish.


The Two (2) D-Days

“DOUGHnut” is mispelled in this picture, but I thought it captured the seriousness of both D-Day and DOUGHnut Day

Travish: This is Travish.  Did they call it D-Day for DOUGHnut Day?  Today is National D-Day and National DOUGHnut Day, so I think that must be the reason (this is not for an assignment)

[Just Another Libarian 12:34:38]: Librarian ‘(Censored)’ has joined the session.

[JAL 12:36:44]: No, it does not. There is a Donut day, but d-day stands for the following…After overcoming fierce resistance the allies broke through the German defences; Paris was liberated on 25 August, and Brussels on 3 September. D-day is also military jargon for any day on which a crucial operation is planned. D+1 indicates the day after the start of the operation.

[JAL 12:37:31]: Five beaches – Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword – were selected as the landing points for the Allied forces. The operation was preceded by airborne landings to secure the flanks and destroy vital bridges and gun positions. The landings commenced at 0630 hrs, and by midnight 73,000 US and 83,000 British and Canadian troops and their equipment were ashore and the beachheads were being linked into a continuous front. The German response to the landings was hampered by the damage done to their communications, by a rigid command structure which required a personal directive from Hitler before any of the reserve elements could move, and by the belief that the landing was a feint and that the major Allied attack would come in the Pas de Calais region, a belief fostered by Allied deception operations.

Although the operation was a success, casualties were heavy: Allied losses during the day amounted to 2,500 killed and about 8,500 wounded. Allied air forces flew 14,000 sorties in support of the operation and lost 127 aircraft.

[JAL 12:37:47]: D-day. (2013). In The Hutchinson unabridged encyclopedia with atlas and weather guide. Retrieved fromhttp://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/heliconhe/d_day/0

[JAL 12:38:56]: There was a lot of blood shed on that beach on June 6th, 1944.

[JAL 12:39:55]: National Donut day….http://time.com/money/2827877/free-donuts-national-donut-doughnut-day-2014/

[TRAVISH 12:40:09]: Wow, I did not know ANY of that.  Mr. Matthews only taught up to the Great Depression

[JAL 12:40:38]: http://www.salarmychicago.org/donutday/donutDayHistory.htm

[TRAVISH 12:42:26]: Hhhmm, so DOUGHnut Day started before D-Day.  Was today’s D-Day the first D-Day?

[TRAVISH 12:43:43]: Also, do you think they got to eat DOUGHnuts before the crucial military operation? Continue reading The Two (2) D-Days

Do Not Mispell Donut (Doughnut)

How do you spell this word?

Travish: Travish here, what is the correct spelling of doughnut/donut

Enthusiastic Libarian Who Chats: Hello and thank you for using Ask a Librarian. I’m (Censored), a librarian in (Censored). Just a moment while I consider your question.

ELWC: Best question of the morning!

TRAVISH: today is national donut day! I heard on the radio I can get a free donut at the donut shop

ELWC : May I send a webpage to your browser? It’s an explanation of the spelling variations from Grammarist.com


The librarian is sending you to http://grammarist.com/spelling/doughnut-donut/.

ELWC: I’ll have to stop by our (Censored) doughnut shop, (Censored), to join the celebration

TRAVISH: I think I’m going to use DOUGHNUT. Donut seems like the way kids would spell it.


TRAVISH: thank you

TRAVISH: i hope you enjoy your free doughnut

Travish’s Commentary:

I got caught taking a DOUGHnut into the library.  They tried to CONFISCATE it so I ate it really quickly!