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Did TV Really Use to Look Like That?

They could watch TV on the microwave in the 80s?
They could watch TV on the microwave in the 80s?

The world has changed a lot since the Cold War.  That is indisputable fact (Fact).  But in some ways it has not changed.  In what ways has it changed?  It what ways has it not changed?  That’s not the point of this paper.  This paper is supposed to be about technology advances since the Cold War.  It is specifically about the way TV looks and how it has changed since the Cold War.  That’s my point exactly (Travish).

Have you ever been watching TV and they do a flashback?  Example: I was watching the NCAA Tournament and they showed a flashback to 1982 when NC State won a NCAA Tournament (TV).  But it didn’t LOOK good.  Not the way they played, it was the image quality that wasn’t good.  I wondered if TV really looked like that back then?  Does anyone know if TV really used to look like that?  THAT is what this paper is about.

Second of all, I must define the Cold War.  There wasn’t snow everywhere like that place in Star Wars, it was called Cold War for a DIFFERENT reason.  “The Cold War rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted for much of the second half of the 20th century resulted in mutual suspicions, heightened tensions and a series of international incidents that brought the world’s superpowers to the brink of disaster,” (History.com).  These incidents included U2 trying to have a concert in Russia, Ivan and Nikita Koloff beating the Rock & Roll Express for the tag team belts, and the death of Apollo Creed.  The Cold War was ended when Rocky avenged Apollo’s death and defeated Ivan Drago IN RUSSIA (Rocky IV).

Many scholars believe that this incident is what led to improvements in TV (many scholars).  TVs used to be big, deep boxes.  Now TVs are flat screens with High Definition.  Sometimes the screen isn’t flat, it is curved.  Also, TVs are rectangles now, but they used to be squares.  A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t always a square.  TVs now are always rectangles but they are never squares.

Whenever you see a flashback on TV it doesn’t look very good.  Except in LOST, then the flashbacks look like normal TV.  So it doesn’t always look bad, but it usually does, OK?  Another time flashbacks don’t look like TV does today is on WWE Network.  In the flashback to the first blood match between Dusty Rhodes and Tully Blanchard it looked bad.  But that match was better than any match on WrestleMania 32, so does that mean that worse TV quality equals better matches?  Does it mean that since LOST’s flashbacks looked normal it wasn’t a good show.  Or is it just that the flashbacks on the rest of TV don’t look good because they got old and dusty?

After all of these questions, I have found the answer.  When my dad wanted to play Donkey Kong Country, it looked really bad on the flat screen TV.  So he bought one of those old, big, square TVs from the janitor at the library.  My dad is a dumb jerk.  On the old TV, Donkey Kong Country looks great!  A librarian said there are ways to improve this experience on a modern TV by using a converter (gamesradr.com, nintendolife.com).  So I say they should have used a converter when they showed the NC State flashback.  Those IDIOTS!!

Well fans, there you have it.  It all depends on what TV you are watching TV on.  If you use a TV from the 80s, those flashbacks will look good.  If you are watching on a flat screen, it won’t look good.  And if you are watching on a curved screen, then it will just look pitiful.  Also, you could use a converter just like if you were playing Super Intendo on a flat screen.  That’s all the time we have left, until next time my name is Travish.  It will still be Travish until then too.  Thank you.

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The Robot From Rocky IV: A Research Paper

How did Rocky afford this robot? All these questions and more are answered in my paper!
How did Rocky afford this robot? All these questions and more are answered in my paper!

Here is my paper on the Rocky IV Robot.  The assignment was to write a research paper about a historical figure of the 20th Century.  I think I will get a better grade than I did on my last paper because this paper is longer and I used the hourglass approach to paper writing.

This is an assignment for Mr. Matthews history class.  The assignment is a research assignment of a historical figure of the 20th century.  For this assignment, I chose to write about the Robot from Rocky IV (Rocky 4).  First I am going to answer some questions.

Why is it called Rocky IV?

IV is the symbol the Romans used before they invented the alphabet.  I don’t know why Rocky uses this system to number his movies because he is Italian and not Roman.

Anastasia asked these questions on Twitter:

How can Rocky afford a robot?

This is a good question.  On the first thought, it would seem like he won A LOTS of money after he beat Apollo, but we never see him buy a robot.  We do see him buy a car, house, black leather jacket with a tiger on the back of it, turtle food, dog collar, and several watches in Rocky II.  That was after he LOST to Apollo Creed so after he actually beat him he probably won even more money.  Probably enough to buy a robot.

On the other hand, here is a little known secret reader: all heavyweight champions of the worlds get robots.  I learned this from Riddick Bowe.  He was a heavy weight champion of the world.  He didn’t win his belt from Apollo or Rocky, but he won the belt from someone and when he did he got a robot.  In case your wondering: yep, that means George Foreman got a robot too.  I can’t use this as a source of information for my paper but you can just believe me on this.  Still don’t believe me? Okay, i might as well tell you, Riddick Bowe USE to follow me on twitter.  He liked my comments about Apollo and he started following me.  I asked him if he got a robot after he won the belt and then he wasn’t a follower anymore.  My theory is he needed to hide the truth.  This is called a trade secret when heavyweight champions of the worlds get free robots but no one else knows about it.  And if you don’t believe me all you have to do is become the heavyweight champion of the world and you will find out for yourself.  I don’t think this translates to wrestling heavyweight champions but I’m not sure.

Why is the robot changed to a female? (both of these questions were from Anastasia on Twitter.  She got re tweeted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, so Anastasia if you see Stone Cold, ask him if he has any robots).

The answer to this question is very interesting.  Robots don’t have a gender.  Think about that.  They don’t have those kinds of body parts if you know what I mean.  So they are not boy or girl robots.  However!  they can change their voice.  Paulie said the robot talks like a girl because she loves him.  So, to answer this question: a robots voice depends on who they love.  I hope I meet a robot one day and she falls in love with me, but not because I want to marry her.  I just want to have a robot that’s all.  If I was going to get married, it would be to the girl from Subway, or maybe Kristen but I’m worried that Mr. matthews wants to marry her mom and I do NOT want him to be my step dad!

Spoiler Alert.

have you watched the trailer for the movie Creed?  It is about the son of Apollo Creed.  If you watch that trailer you will know what I saw in it that made me really sad.  It was Paulie’s grave stone.  I miss you Paulie.  Well I want to reassure everyone that I THINK robots are safe.  However, the video is sketchy in the way of details so we have to take into account the possibility that Paulie was killed by his own robot.  This is the most controversial part of my research.

Do you wonder what a world would be like if it was run by robots?  Well, let’s find out the answer together.  Robots WILL run the world if everyone becomes the Heavy Weight Champion Of The World.  But, just like Mr. Matthews says when i told him I will be President: not everyone can be president, Travish.  Some people have to work at McDonalds.  Well second of all, I’m not going to work there because I would rather work at Godfather’s pizza.  They have better food, and they have Ms. Pac-Man (Editors note: They USE to have Ms. Pac-Man, they don’t anymore.  But there is still room there for a video game, and I asked them if they will get Donkey Kong and the girl there said maybe.  But you know McDonalds will NEVER get a video game so don’t waste your time thinking about that!)

At any rate, I hope wrestling champions don’t get robots because then there would be so many robots they MIGHT take over the world, and it wouldn’t matter if i was president or not because thats a war we cannot win and I’m not going to lie.  Think about that.

I hope you like my paper.