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A Significant Historical Event

What it’s all about

Hello, my name is Travish and this is my history writing assignment.  Basically, I was assigned by Mr. Matthews to write about a significant historical event so I am writing about a VERY historical event.  I think you know the one I’m talking about.  But, please have a guess (in case you didn’t know).  What did you guess?  If you guessed the Montreal Screwjob, then your right.  I might as well tell you if you guessed something else than you are a complete IDIOT!

Let us review the combatants (wrestlers) in this match.  PS, in the WWE, Vince McMahon says you have to call wrestlers Sports Entertainers or performers.  He doesn’t like it if you say wrestlers.  Well, I say wrestlers.  Do you say wrestlers?  I think it is stupid to say performer or Sports Entertainer, but I’m going to mention these titles so I will get a better grade.  The wrestlers in this match were The Hitman, Bret the Hitman Hart, and The Heartbreak Kid, Mr. Wreslemania, Shawn Michaels.  In case you are counting, that is only two wrestlers.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  You can also call wrestlers “Superstars” but that is a dumb name to.  Anyway, in case you are counting, that is only two (2) wrestlers.  They have a lots of nick names which I mentioned (Bret Hart is the Hitman and Shawn Michaels is the Heart Break Kid and he is also Mr. Wrestlemania).  Please don’t get confused by the names.  If you don’t understand there names then you should look at a wrestling encyclopedia for further review.

The location was in Canada.  It was at the Molson Centre in Montreal.  This is where it all went down.  There were two wrestlers in the match and also a referee named Earl Hebner.  In Britain, an Earl is a member of nobility, but this referee was not a member of nobility.  Jerry the King Lawler was the only member of nobility present at the match, but he was not in his home country of the USA, so he did not hold any true monarchical powers.

Bret Hart is one of my favorite wrestlers and I follow him on Twitter.  Shawn Michaels is an idiot that blocked me on Twitter because I said Bret Hart was better.  I will not allow my relationship with these two men to bias this factual report.  Even though Shawn Michaels is a dumb jerk.

Another thing I almost forgot to tell you is that Bret Hart was the Heavyweight Champion of The World.  This does not mean he was fat.  This means he was in the weight class.  The weight classes of the WWE are Heavyweight.  Everyone who ever wrestled for the WWE was considered a heavyweight whether they were fat or not.

In the main event, the two wrestlers started wrestling.  It was a competitive match.  Eventually Shawn Michaels put Bret Hart in the Sharp Shooter (wrestling maneuver).  Bret Hart could of easily got out of that move (it would of been so easy to break out of), and he would of too except for the referee pretended that Bret Hart gave up and said “ring the bell. Bret hart has submitted vocally to the sharp shooter and he is no longer the Heavyweight Champion of The World.”  The match ended in controversy.  Some of the fans were disappointed.  Bret Hart was disappointed to.  He did not want to lose in Canada.  Shawn Michaels seemed disappointed but he was not.  Shawn Michaels pretended to be disappointed so Bret Hart would not know what Shawn Michaels knew.  What did Shawn Michaels know?  He knew that Earl Hebner would end the match prematurely because that is exactly what Vince McMahon told him to do.  If Vince McMahon tells you to do something, you do it.  Unless you are Bret Hart.  Vince McMahon told Bret Hart to lose, but Bret Hart said, “I’m not going to lose.”  So, Vince McMahon told Earl Hebner to pretend like Bret Hart gave up, even though he did not even give up!  This mean Shawn Michaels was the new WWE Heavyweight Champion of The World.  Bret Hart was never the WWE Heavyweight Champion of The World again.

.  When something important happens there is fall out.  For example when a volcano blows up, the material that returns to the earth from the air is called the fall out.  The fallout from this match was that everybody got really mad.  They thought this was not fair.  Prior to the Montreal Screw Job, everyone knew professional wrestling was fair but now they thought different.  Now, they thought, “This isn’t fair.”

Bret Hart had a few options after he lost.  Let’s examine this in a choose your own adventure format.

You are Bret Hart.  Do you:

1. Punch Vince McMahon in the face.
2. Punch Shawn Michaels in the face.
3. Don’t punch anyone.

If you chose answer one, you are right.  Bret Hart punched Vince McMahon so hard in the face that Vince McMahon had a black eye.  He was on TV the next day and he looked like an idiot.

If you chose answer two you are wrong, but you are not an idiot.  Bret Hart should of punched Shawn Michaels,  but all he did was yell at him.

If you chose answer three then you are a complete idiot.  Anytime someone steals your Heavyweight Champion of The World Belt, you have to punch someone.

In conclusion, this evet changed the whole world and if you didn’t know your ass better call somebody!